Yoga Teach Mentorship Program with Sara Guenther

Following completion of either an 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher training or postnatal yoga teacher training you are eligible to apply for our Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program. Sara Guenther, our lead yoga teacher at the mama’hood facilitates this program. Our mentorship program is intended to help you further embody the skills and content learned from teacher training and give you hands on experience assisting in classes. As teachers progress through the mentorship program they will move from observation/participation, to assisting, to teaching, and receive regular feedback and guidance along the way. Our mentorship program is intended to help you refine your teaching skills and step more fully into a place of confidence when teaching pre and postnatal yoga.

Mentorship program will include the following:

  • one private session with Sara to develop measurable goals and visions for mentorship program

  • one 60 minute private business of yoga consult with Sara

  • assist in one yoga class per week for one month with time devoted at the end of each class for discussion and integration (4 classes total)

  • one class observation: Sara will take one of your local classes and provide feedback, guidance, and refinement suggestions.

*after successful completion of mentorship program you are eligible to assist in upcoming prenatal and/or postnatal yoga teacher trainings at the mama’hood. Details of this will be discussed prior to enrolling in the mentorship program.

Investment: $350.00

Application process: email resume and letter of intent to sara at Please include availability for private sessions as well as classroom assisting.

Private yoga business consults are also available at $75.00 per 60 minute session. Please email Sara at to schedule.