The team at the 'hood is here to serve you.
Please read below to learn more about who the people are who will greet you every day
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Aurora Adams, Front Desk

Hi, my name is Aurora and this is Jette. We love the mama 'hood community because it's where we come to relax, shop and commune.  We enjoy taking classes here, working the front desk and helping all the mamas and their precious little ones get in and out!  My background is in performing arts. I love to sing, teach travel and create. As for Jette's passion, if there's a new baby-related product, she's all over it!


Jessica Bouck, Front Desk, Yoga Instructor

Hi, Jessi Bouck. I love helping new moms find the perfect nursing bra to make them feel beautiful in their new skin. I also have so much fun teaching the baby-wearing class and helping parents make their lives a little easier with the right baby carrier. 

When I'm not at the 'hood, I'm home with my husband and 2 children, cooking, gardening, and brewing beer.


Leanne Chambers, Social Media Manager, Instructor for Baby Wearing

Hi! I’m Leanne! I love my work here at the mama ’hood – it’s like my home away from home! I’m so grateful for this community and I can’t tell you fulfilling it is to help a new mama in the midst of her postpartum journey. Helping mamas (and papas!) learn how to wear their babies makes my day!

When I’m not snuggling babies at the ‘hood, you can find me running, practicing yoga or wearing matching aprons and baking with my two girls!

Amanda Glenn, Teacher Newborn Care -

Hi! I’m Amanda.   I’ve been supporting families with new babies for over a decade and always wanted a place like the mama ’hood where families could come and be taken care of by people who really understood what they need.  I am so grateful to be working at the mama ’hood in Boulder and pretty much have the best job on the planet. I get to snuggle babes, support families and help mamas feel happy and confident in their bodies.  In addition to managing the Boulder store, I am a craniosacral therapist and part of the Boulder Doula Circle. 

Sara Guenther, Yoga Lead

My favorite thing about working at the mama 'hood is being part of a community that is creating a positive shift in prenatal, postnatal, and family centered practices. I have the honor of offering yoga to women during the pregnant and postpartum periods and inviting sweet little ones to embrace yoga as well.  It warms my heart to work with women and families through their pregnancies, see their growth and expansion as they embrace motherhood, and them come together to practice yoga as a family!
When I'm not at the 'hood you can find me spending time with my own two sweet children, on my yoga mat, brewing kombucha, fermenting veggies, or in the mountains enjoying the beauty of nature.

Gabrielle Johnson, Buyer, Assistant Manager -

Hi, I'm Gabrielle, and the mama 'hood is my balance. I love the unique culture the mama 'hood has created for mamas to cultivate their individual professional passions while making the business of motherhood top priority. A balanced life is wholeheartedly embraced at the mama 'hood.

When I'm not scouting out mama 'chic fashion or novel innovations to help make life with a little one a bit more blissful, I'm either reading, practicing yoga with my girls, or sewing Barbie a new wardrobe!



Linda Appel Lipsius, MBA, Co-Founder & CEO -

Hi, I'm Linda. I love the mama 'hood because it helps mamas enjoy & embrace this crazy, terrifying and awesome experience of motherhood by providing community, education and a place to let it all hang out. Walking through the 'hood and seeing the brand new babies and the toddlers as they grow up and the moms as they get more & more comfortable with their new reality - that's the best part for me!

When I’m not at the ‘hood, I’ll be drinking tea, hanging with my kiddos, watching movies, running or doing yoga.


Amanda Ogden, BSN, RN, IBCLC, Co-Founder & Director of Lactation Services-

I am very passionate about the art and science of breastfeeding and rebuilding this lost generational knowledge. Women are powerful and tenacious. Watching new mamas discover how the birth of their child changes and empowers them is my favorite part of the 'hood.

When I am not reading or talking about breastfeeding and parenting you will find me hanging out with my two teenagers skiing, riding bikes, and attending theatrical productions.   I also enjoy piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Allison Schneider, Co-Founder & Director of Everything -

Hi, I'm Allie.  I love the 'hood because this is where this mama sh*t gets real.  Come to laugh, cry, fall completely apart - we've got you covered, mama. I also love the community of mamas we have here as well as the most incredible staff on the planet.

When I'm not at the 'hood my favorite thing to do is enjoy our amazing city with my husband and our two boys.  We love to ride bikes to City Park, hang at the amazing museums, and cruise to some of the great watering holes (when we're not at all the sports practices & games). I also enjoy pina coladas and long walks on the beach...


Jessi Walls, Front Desk, DENVER

Hi, I'm Jessi, and I've been with the mama 'hood since it opened. I love the supportive and uplifting community here at the 'hood, and these mamas and babies are like family to me and my little girl. My passion is lactation, and I am currently preparing to take the exam to become an IBCLC. 



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