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Meet the Chiropractor!

Meet Dr. Margaret Ready this Saturday, August 22, from 9am-1pm at the mama'hood Denver. Light refreshments provided. Receive half off your initial consultation with the purchase of a yoga membership or punch card.

Dr. Margaret Ready moved to Denver in 2013 after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California.

In 2011 Dr. Ready travelled to Fiji with Chiropractic students from all over the country to introduce chiropractic to the residents of the capital city of Nadi. It was during this time that Dr. Ready realized her passion for prenatal chiropractic.

Dr. Ready is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association as well as the Colorado Chiropractic Association. She is certified in Webster Technique and Functional Dry Needling, and utilizes techniques such as Gonstead, Diversified, Activator and Thompson Drop as well as many soft tissue therapies including myofascial release, adhesion release and Functional Dry Needling.

NEW! Book Club with Logan Kinney

In between the blur of dirty diapers and nighttime feeding sessions, it can be hard to remember who you were before your baby. It can be hard to tell who you are right now, in your new identity! Your reading is often reduced to googling the latest baby-related issue you might be facing, perhaps a random Facebook article on parenthood, and you feel like you can't even remember the last time you cozied up with a good book uninterrupted. Your time for self care is limited, and you may even feel burnt out, or wondering where you are going next.

That's why it is so important to me to start this book club and sharing circle. I am looking forward to getting together with a group of like-minded mamas who want to read something that inspires them. Something that helps us to see outside our roles as caregivers, and into the powerful and strong women we are. Some time set aside to read inspirational texts that we usually say we are too busy to read, and a supportive group of women to hold us up...and hold us accountable!

Each circle will begin with a very brief meditation, and time allotted to share some highs and lows from the week. After our sharing circle, we will discuss an inspirational text that we are reading together, and how it relates to our personal growth. Don’t worry about having “homework” or book reports… the books chosen will be easy to read in short chunks of time, and allow for introspection without staying engulfed in fictional story lines. While I plan on making space to honor the difficulties we share as mothers, I will also guide the conversation to our roles as women outside of motherhood—our interests, goals, inspirations—so we can return to our loved ones feeling refreshed and whole. There will be no right or wrong answers, just some discussion and support.

Our first book is “The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul” by Danielle LaPorte. This books helps you work through what you are desiring in life, by checking in with different aspects of your life and noting gratitude and what you may like to change. Next books on our line up will be “May Cause Miracles” and “Warrior Goddess Training”, but of course these choices are flexible, open to suggestions and votes from the group!

June 18 6:30-7:45pm at the mama'hood Denver

Come to the Yoga House!

Our Big Boss and Little Boss will tell you what's up in this fun little video! We are so proud to have served the Denver community these last three years, and look forward to many more.

the mama'hood turns 3! from the mama'hood on Vimeo.

There are so many exciting things happening as we expand our locations and offerings. Stay tuned, and thanks for being a part of the mama'hood community!

Intuitive Readings with Mariya Melby


My name is Mariya Melby and I am very pleased to be offering intuitive readings at the mama’hood Denver. There tends to be a lot of misconceptions about the work that I do, so I have put together a list of FAQ’s to help you decide if a reading might be right for you.

What is an intuitive reading?

An intuitive reading is an interpretation of your energy in the present moment. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your energy is palpable to those around you. An intuitive picks up on this energy and can articulate it to you in a way that promotes personal growth and healing.

Who would benefit from receiving a reading?

Anyone with an open mind and an interest in personal growth benefits from a reading. I work primarily with women who are interested in personal growth in the areas of relationships, family, career, health, and spirituality.

What is it like to have a reading?

I start with guiding you through a simple grounding visualization. Then I take a visual snapshot of where your energy is right now and what feels most pressing to communicate. You have the opportunity to explore that image and its meaning further or ask your own questions. I always offer possible next steps for how to shift your energy in meaningful ways.

Are you a psychic?

Yes and no. The word psychic just means that a person receives information that is outside of the five senses, which I do. However, this term has the connotation of crystal balls, traveling circuses, and expensive hotlines. I much prefer the word intuitive, because I am using my intuition to read your energy. I look at energy in the present moment and give advice on how you can shift your energy now to call in the life that you want for yourself. I cannot tell you what you are thinking or what will happen in the future. I communicate information about your energy that will promote the most growth for you. I have the gift of a strong intuition, and in addition, I have received formal training on how to use this ability to help others.

What is your background?

Before getting into intuitive work, I was a teacher in urban public schools. I hold a Master’s degree from the University of Denver in Curriculum and Instruction. After getting a mysterious chronic illness, I began to explore alternative methods of healing and I stumbled across an amazing intuitive healer who forever changed the course of my life. I received my intuitive training through High Heart Healing under Julie Cobb and Nicole Sacchitella. In addition to intuitive work, I am a yoga instructor, a blogger, and a writing teacher.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to book a reading, visit

I am also offering:

Birth Story Writing Workshop with Mariya Melby, 5/16/15 from 1-3pm; Cost: $25

This two-hour workshop is for moms who wish to write the story of their child’s birth. Whether your birth went as planned and you would just like a record of it or you are processing a difficult birth experience, this workshop will provide you with the time, space, and tools to begin writing your child’s birth story.

To read Mariya’s birth story, click here. To register, click here.