Maya Abdominal Therapy for the Childbearing Year

Maya abdominal therapy is a profoundly effective massage treatment for many problems, including PMS, menstrual pain and irregularity, infertility, uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence. For pregnant and postpartum moms, it is an invaluable tool.

A woman’s uterus is made to move and be responsive to the changes of our lives. She sits behind the pubic bone, in front of the rectum and leaning slightly over the bladder. She is supported by the pelvic floor muscles and the vaginal wall with space to grow through each menstrual cycle. She is tethered by 4 sets of ligaments, which stretch to accommodate a growing baby. And because of her flexibility, she is fairly easily bumped out of place – by an accident or pelvic injury, habitual one-sided activities, heavy lifting, multiple pregnancies, sedentary lifestyle… just life.

The Mayan people - and many other indigenous cultures around the world - understood this. Their healers believed that if a woman’s center was off center, her entire being was affected. In ancient times, no healing session was complete without abdominal massage, and the people knew to ask for it. Because of this routine maintenance the uterus tended to be more centrally set, making for easier pregnancies and smoother births.

As a midwife, I have included this work in my prenatal appointments for years and I have observed the following results: improved digestion and absorption of nutrients, decreased aches, pains and edema, increased relaxation, better sleep and a deeper sense of connection with baby. Ideal structural alignment in the pelvis, optimal positioning of the baby and the increased flow of oxytocin which the massage encourages all help facilitate a smooth and efficient labor and birth when the time comes. After birth, we use it to re-align the uterus, and help her find a healthy resting place quite quickly. I find it helps tone the pelvic floor, discouraging uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence. After a cesarean delivery, my clients have had fabulous results using these techniques to break up adhesions and reduce scar tissue.

One of my favorite aspects of ATMAT is the emphasis on self-care. During your first session, in addition to a full treatment - which, by the way, just feels like a yummy massage - you will learn to do some parts of the massage for yourself. Practicing your self-care regularly, you can support the proper placement of your womb and your baby within it. You bring newly-oxygenated blood to the belly and support the removal of metabolic waste products, thereby keeping your baby’s home fresh and clean. The self-care massage can also be a lovely way to connect with your baby on a regular basis and a time to focus gratitude and healing after delivery.

I am happy to be offering Maya Abdominal Therapy Sessions at the Mama’hood Boulder. Please contact me for further information and scheduling.

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