Introducing our Newest Yoga Teacher - Shaun White

We are so excited to welcome Shaun White to our roster of amazing yoga teachers at the mama'hood, and particularly excited to have our very first dad/teacher!

Shaun joined the military when he was just 17 and spent 15 years in the infantry. Shaun first found yoga in 2007 through a DVD that one of his Army buddies gave him; but he didn’t attend his first public class for 2 years. Initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits, it was the mental and spiritual shifts he experienced that kept him coming to the studio.

However, when he broke his back during a training accident in 2011 he did not find his way back to his mat until three years later when he was in the VA hospital for PTSD rehabilitation. The VA is where he was introduced to Comeback Yoga and his life really started changing.

Although Shaun originally used yoga as a means to balance his physical exercise regimen, when he was offered a teacher training scholarship through Comeback Yoga & Kindness he began studying the Sutras and learning what it really meant to fully practice yoga. Shaun found his connection to the universe, his path to happiness, and how to exist, through his practice of yoga.

Currently, Shaun is teaching two classes at the VA to fellow veterans. His goal through teaching yoga is to positively affect his students, whether it is through his words or his movements.

Shaun and his wonderful wife Aubrie were married in 2013, and they welcomed their first child this May. Baby Harrison will be joining Shaun at the mama’hood for Baby & Me Yoga on Thursdays at 11am!