From Missy Albrecht on Pelvic Floor Health

Mama'hood! I am extremely excited to meet many of you soon at my 'Pelvic Floor Health' workshop October 7th. Although I have not had my own children yet, this is a very passionate topic of mine because of my doctoral research with Diastasis Recti and the many women I have worked with as a physical therapist and human performance coach. And my life goal of being as healthy as possible when I have kids someday:)  

I was born and raised in southern California, and moved to Denver in 2014 in search of a new area to explore. I started my consulting physical therapy business, Invincible, and am now practicing out of 2 locations in the Denver area: Denver Sports Recovery & Project Move. I love helping educate people on self-care, knowing that it's imperative to a healthy body. I also specialize in visceral mobility, which is the missing link between digestion and healthy movement. In addition to patient care, I also teach workshops around the Denver area and run and online program to help those who like the convenience of getting help from home (or wherever they are!). You can find more info about me on my website, and also find me on Facebook/Instagram.

I have been teaching workshops for a few years now, and last year I had a thought: what is one of the things I end up addressing most often with my patients? And if I taught that one thing in a workshop could I help reduce the number of injuries/pain? What I came up with was pelvic position. Addressing someone's pelvic position can help resolve A LOT of issues like low back pain, pelvic pain, shoulder impingement, knee pain, etc. It's not always the only area that needs help BUT it is an area that needs to be fixed in order for the injury/pain to not return. Or move elsewhere. Correcting pelvic position has also allowed many active individuals to create more efficient movement and become more successful at their chosen activity.

The same goes for women before, during and after pregnancy. Our bodies were built to carry, nourish, labor and raise a baby. But the way we treat our bodies before (years before!), during and after really affect how well they will handle the process. We can't be perfect, and our bodies can withstand imperfection. But being in a poor position all the time really starts to wreck havoc on our body. Placing additional strain on certain areas of the body. Not allowing the organs to function properly. Creating lasting issues that seem to linger, until the source of the issue is found. The source that I see most often is pelvic position.

I'm excited to share with you some common themes that I see often with my patients, in hopes to alleviate any current issues or help prevent them in the future. I will be giving you applicable tools that you can use wherever you are, and with patience they will become more natural and fit easily into your everyday life. And since aches and pain happen know matter what we do, you will have the tools you'll need to help manage those as they come up. I look forward to meeting you soon!