Meet the Instructor: Sabrina Sandberg

Who are you and what do you do here at the mama ‘hood? How’d you come to this work?

My name is Sabrina Sandberg and I am a certified peaceful parenting coach. I teach different classes on peaceful parenting methods at the mama'hood and love connecting with other parents. I am a mom of 2 year old twins and realized early on parenting doesn't always go as you intend. I began searching for new ways to parent and to break some of the generational patterns in my family. I discovered peaceful parenting and decided to become a certified coach so I could help share this with other families. I am continually fascinated by what we can accomplish with empathy and connection vs the common approach of permissive or strict. I am truly passionate about educating and empowering other parents.

Here at the mama ‘hood we are driving the cultural shift in the care of new moms and families. Where do you think our culture lacks in support and how can we do better?

It is hard to think of something for this because you are so wonderful! I have noticed there are a lot of support groups for new moms and I would love to see this continued for moms in the first, second and third year of motherhood. We all experience so many challenges and it is always nice to have a judgement free space to talk with other moms who can relate to our struggles!

Share a funny story/aspect of your work. We always say we encourage laughter at the mama ‘hood because, after all sometimes this journey is pretty darn funny…Share a story that will make our mama’s smile.

One day, in the depths of my sleep deprivation, I was getting my twins ready and I got my son dressed, in his car seat and didn't realize until I went to get my daughter ready that I had dressed my son in my daughters tights and dress! I couldn't help but laugh at myself! It made for some hilarious photos and was a good reminder of the crazy things mom brain makes you do!

Can you offer a mantra to help a mama in the thick of it? My favorite mantra is "this is not an emergency." When out kids are melting down or acting out our blood pressure rises and it can feel like an emergency so sometime we have to stop and remind ourselves this is not an emergency. This helps us self regulate so we can stay calm and help guide our kids through their struggle. My other favorite mantra is STOP, DROP YOUR AGENDA AND CONNECT. Connection is what leads to cooperation and if our agenda is always getting in the way we can't give our kids the tools to overcome the issue at hand.

If you could give an expecting/new mama just one piece of advice, what would it be? You are not alone. Motherhood is personal and unique but you are not alone in your struggles and finding a community of support will carry you though those hard days!

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