Meet the Instructor: Maggie Broadrick

Who are you and what do you do here at the mama ‘hood? How’d you come to this work?

Hi! My name is Maggie Broadrick and I’m the owner of Kiddie Up Nannies. I host a workshop at the mama’ hood called Find-A-Nanny 101 & Nanny Share Social. The workshop is dedicated to parents who are exploring childcare options. We highlight nannies and nanny shares specifically- discussing everything parents need to know about hiring a nanny. I have been in this line of work for over 7 years and been with the ‘hood since 2013! I like to think I was a match-maker in my past life; but truly I love connecting people - especially families and nannies. I stumbled into my career when I helped my neighbor find a nanny and I realized then I had a knack for it. I never imagined I would help hundreds of families and nannies!

Here at the mama ‘hood we are driving the cultural shift in the care of new moms and families. Where do you think our culture lacks in support and how can we do better?

his is a great question, one I’ve given a lot of thought too. I think something our culture lacks is support for the whole family. Yes, moms and babies tend to be at the top of the list, but the whole family needs to have continually support. Partners, dads, siblings, grandparents, godparents, caretakers! So many people contribute to a child, we need to remember to contribute to them too. They say it takes a village but I think it takes a metropolis!

Share a funny story/aspect of your work. We always say we encourage laughter at the mama ‘hood because, after all sometimes this journey is pretty darn funny… Share a story that will make our mamas smile.

Narrowing it down to just one story is almost impossible. One of the funniest stories I ever heard was very Colorado-related. It was the holiday season and I had a nanny call me absolutely panicked. She told me she received a holiday present from her employer, the family she just started nannying for. She started to cry, telling me she accepted the present and knew she was going to get fired. I was completely confused but asked her to tell me more. The nanny apprehensively told me it was a gift bag full of cannabis products. She was certain it was a trap and the family gave it to her to see if she would take it. The nanny, who was a little on the shy side, said she was taken off guard, didn’t know what to do so she said thank you and took the bag. She wasn’t out the door a minute before she said she realized accepting the gift was a mistake. I’m not going to lie, I too was a little surprised. I told the nanny I would speak to the family and explain how upset she was. I got my thoughts together and called the family. I explained my conversation and the family started to laugh. Very simply, they stated, “we’re in the cannabis business, no trick, we thought she could enjoy the goodies over the holidays.” The next day, Kiddie Up Nannies changed our policy to ask what our clients did for a living.

Can you offer a mantra to help a mama in the thick of it?

I will trust my instincts. As parents, we are given this amazing gift of instincts. Sometimes our instincts are wrong, but they will shape us to make better choices tomorrow. Don’t second guess yourself; you know exactly what to do and it is the right choice.

If you could give an expecting/new mama just one piece of advice, what would it be?

Leave it to the professionals. My own personal example: My car needs an oil change. Yes, I could probably buy the tools, look on YouTube and figure out how to do it myself. But #1 who has time for that sh!t? I don’t! #2. I really don’t want to get dirty. #3. Is this really a good use of my time? Heck no!! Leave it to the professionals; they are experts in the field. After all, that’s why they make a living doing it!

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