Meet the Instructor: Lynn Schulte-Leech

Who are you and what do you do here at the mama ‘hood? How’d you come to this work?

Lynn Schulte, PT I help moms eliminate pains in their bodies during pregnancy, prepare their bodies for birth, and recover more completely afterwards. I teach a FREE class called How To Lose the Pooch for Good and started treating mainly pregnant and postpartum women and I’ve learned a lot about how to effectively treat this population. So I started the Institute for Birth Healing and am teaching other professionals how to do the same.

Here at the mama ‘hood we are driving the cultural shift in the care of new moms and families. Where do you think our culture lacks in support and how can we do better?

Our culture has never given the moms the attention and care of their bodies that they deserve after birth. Seeing your doctor at 6 wks post birth and them telling you your fine to return to whatever you want is not only wrong but a complete disservice to new moms. Your body is so completely weakened by pregnancy and birth. EVERY mom needs to learn how to safely and correctly restrengthen their core after birth. EVERY mom should receive internal vaginal massage to make sure their muscles, tissues and organs are back in their proper place and functioning optimally so she can age gracefully without major issues such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse when she gets older. Just because you have no issues today, doesn’t mean you will when you turn 60, 70 or 80 years old.

Share a funny story/aspect of your work. We always say we encourage laughter at the mama ‘hood because, after all sometimes this journey is pretty darn funny… Share a story that will make our mamas smile.

I was at a marketing conference in Canada and told a man what I did for a living and he asked if I could help his wife. I told him I could and he said no really she’s here at the hotel, can you help her? I told him I’d talk to her. We met in the lobby and I found out she was having pain with intercourse since birth. This is a very common, but not normal issue some moms face. I told her how I could help her and she seemed very eager for my help. So feeling like a prostitute I asked if she wanted to go up to her hotel room and I’d work on her. I treated her once and I got an email from her husband about a week later and he called me a Rock Star! I took it that the treatment was successful! It usually only takes me one session to help moms with this kind of issue and it brings me so much joy knowing women can enjoy intercourse again without pain like it should be.

Can you offer a mantra to help a mama in the thick of it? “This too shall change" Whatever it is, whether you like it or not, it won’t last forever.

If you could give an expecting/new mama just one piece of advice, what would it be? Enjoy your time with your partner before the baby comes. Go have special dates with just the two of you and ENJOY it as it will never be the same again. Also, enjoy every time you walk out of the door just carrying your purse. Once the baby comes you will never have that luxury again!! :-)

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