In Motherhood and in Business, you are not Alone.

Thank you, Molly for this great reminder!

What I’ve learned as a mother, I’ve also learned as an entrepreneur. I designed my clothing line for nursing moms while I was breastfeeding my own son, so the business was inspired by my children, as well as a desire to help fellow moms. Challenges I face as a mom, are not unlike challenges I face in entrepreneurship – fear of the unknown, learning as I go, and asking for help, to name a few. The ability to trust my “mother’s intuition” also comes in handy when making difficult decisions for my business. Opportunities for growth and awareness are plenty. Working outside my comfort zone is a common daily occurrence. Which brings me to an important question – why is it so hard for us to ask for help? Instead of being wary, we should do it more often, and even embrace it. Because in motherhood, and in life, reaching out is where the magic happens. The Mamahood has carried my clothing line in their store since the start of my business 5 years ago. I connected immediately with their business model of being more than a boutique, but also a community and resource center for moms - a place for women to learn, connect, and grow through all stages of motherhood. Last year, Gabrielle from The Mamahood reached out to me about a collaboration. Could we use the Molly Ades Zippered Tank design and create an exclusive tank just for The Mamahood - I loved it. What better way to share our passion for helping moms, while also helping our small businesses. Working together feels much more powerful and fulfilling than working separately. And, running your own business can get lonely at times. Like entrepreneurship, it’s easy to get lost in motherhood – because there is always someone else who needs something. It is our very nature to want to care for others, so when our child, a parent, or a friend is in need, we feel compelled to rush to their side. Empathy and a willingness to help are good qualities, as long as they do not leave us empty. We need to find ways to fill ourselves back up, despite being pulled in multiple directions. It doesn’t matter if you stay at home full time, work outside the home full time, work part-time, run your own company, or enjoy a hobby/passion from time to time. All that matters is that you participate in a daily practice that is meaningful to your soul. In addition to being a mom and giving yourself fully to your children, you also maintain something that is yours – something else you can grow and cultivate, and that comes from within.

Guest post by Molly Ades -