A Note From Katie Wise

Moving into 2015, I've got a big announcement to make. I'm getting married! Well, my business is getting married. Let me back up...

I opened the first incarnation of my business back in 2004 in the back garage of Rocki Graham's house in Venice Beach. Having taught my classes in other studios for years, I quickly saw the beauty of a dedicated space for mamas—Cheerios, car seats and tears were welcome. Mamas came early to nurse, stumbled in late, stayed after to chat, and everyone thrived. In 2006, I opened my first commercial space in Santa Monica,  on a $2000 loan from my mom—and Yo Mama Yoga was born. Six years ago when my new husband and I returned to Boulder (my hometown), I opened Yo Mama in Boulder—6 months before my first child was born.

It has been an incredible journey. We’ve served thousands of families, I've seen hundreds of babies born, and I've had two babies of my own. After Izzi was born, I felt the call to create a partnership. After exploring some different options, the amazing ladies of the mama 'hood, Allie, Linda and Amanda, reached out to me for a lunch. We clicked right away, and I remember telling my husband that night, "I think I met my business partners today." I'm happy to say today that I was right!

The two businesses began 'dating,' each of us bringing our strengths to the other, and spending some time in each location. I began to teach yoga and Inspired Birth in Denver, and they began to bring their unique and powerful approach to breastfeeding to Boulder. The dating escalated, and now we are getting married!

Starting in the new year, Yo Mama Yoga will be nestled happily in the mama 'hood! The yoga programs will still be Yo Mama, and much of the business (including our location for now) will look the same, but we will be called the mama 'hood Boulder. What this means for you all: you will be able to use your classes and memberships at both the mama 'hood Denver and our location. And very exciting—later this year we will have a brand new location, with a lot of expanded offerings! All our teachers and practitioners are coming along for the ride, and you may see some new faces as well. I will be an owner, but happily have 3 wonderful partners. I know you will be as inspired by them as I am. So keep on the lookout, and if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Welcome to the mama 'hood!