Potty Basics: EC to Cold Turkey

We are so excited to be offering a new class on potty learning! We have had so many requests over the last few months to add a class like this to the schedule again and we heard you, mamas! 

Our potty learning class is different from others you might find out there. Instead of offering you a singular method for introducing the potty to your little person, we are bringing a varied tool kit to you. By teaching you the concepts behind several methods, the class covers four popular approaches, you can find what works best for your individual child and your family. At the 'hood we don't believe that one size fits all for most anything and we feel this approach applies to potty learning as well. 

Potty Basics is taught by Josie Shapiro, one of our long time teachers. Josie has been working all Summer on developing new and exciting curriculum for the 'hood that brings our unique vibe and approach to the classroom. Potty Basics is just the first of many new classes to be added to our regular offerings! Keep an eye out for our upcoming Parenting with Joy series on gentle discipline and parenting, Bringing Home Baby and more!