Why practice skin-to-skin with your baby?

There are only benefits and no drawbacks when it comes to skin-to-skin contact with your baby! Here are a few of the highlights:
Facilitates instinctual and successful breastfeeding.

  • Baby should be immediately placed on mama’s stomach after birth, and will instinctively crawl to the breast and latch without any assistance. If you haven’t seen this amazing newborn feat definitely check it out on YouTube. Ideally baby should stay on mama for an hour after birth, and as often as possible thereafter.

Raises oxytocin and prolactin levels, and lowers cortisol levels.

  • Prolactin helps create a plentiful milk supply, oxytocin reduces the risk of postpartum depression, and helps mama relax and tune into her baby’s needs. Lower cortisol means lower stress levels, helping both mama and baby feel connected and safe.

It feels good!

  • Baby came from a warm, confined environment, and skin-to-skin helps recreate the closeness and security baby experienced in the womb, as well as regulate baby’s temperature and heart rate.

Even more reasons to practice skin-to-skin:

  • Helps prevent allergies.
  • Facilitates brain development.
  • Maintains body temperature and blood sugar levels.
  • Enhances baby’s immune system. 
  • Improves quality of sleep.
  • LESS CRYING. (Everybody can get down with that one, right?) 

Don’t forget that skin-to-skin is good for papas too! It’s nurturing, nourishing and bonding, and helps dad build a strong connection with baby.
Here at the mama ‘hood we carry several products to facilitate skin-to-skin bonding – the NüRoo Pocket, Vija baby wearing shirts for both mamas and papas, and of course our selection of wraps and carriers.