the 'hood & Yo Mama Yoga join forces!

A Few Words From Yo Mama Founder, Katie Wise - 

Once upon a time, in a burger joint in Boulder, CO, four women sat down over a salad with too much bacon and began to talk. The women were the owners of two businesses with strangely similar names, and very similar visions: the mama ‘hood and Yo Mama. The women were Allie, Amanda, Linda, and myself, Katie.

What began that day was a conversation of how we could each bring more excellence to the mamas in each of our respective ‘hoods. And what has unfolded since that day has been very exciting. Now, the mama ‘hood graces Yo Mama every Tuesday (and soon Thursday) with it’s breastfeeding goddesses (Amanda and Jenn) running breastfeeding groups, consults, and rockin' classes in Breastfeeding, Newborn Care and Starting Solids.

And I get to come to the ‘hood every Monday to bring my flavor of Yoga (Prenatal, Baby & Me, and Family) and my Inspired Birth class to the mamas of the ‘hood. I’ll tell you a little more about Yo Mama and these offerings, and hope to see you on a Monday sometime soon. 

I started the first Yo Mama in Santa Monica in 2004, out of a desire to see a space where mamas could rule. My vision was simple—Prenatal, Baby & Me, and Family yoga classes at prime yoga class times, Cheerios on the yoga floor, latecomers welcome, chatting encouraged, great childbirth education, and a home for yoga mamas. When my husband and I moved to my hometown of Boulder in 2008 to start our family, the second Yo Mama was born, six months before the birth of my son. 

My Prenatal Yoga class has been called a hybrid of yoga, support group, and childbirth education. We have a good time while practicing a strong prenatal yoga class. My philosophy has always been that pregnancy is the time to build strength and stamina for birth and motherhood. Get your questions answered, get your yoga on, and find great friends at the same time.

Baby & Me is the continuation on the journey, and a time of rebuilding—both physically and emotionally. We work a lot on pelvic floor strength, healing the diastasis and doing appropriate core work for the postpartum mama. At the same time we involve the babies with some infant massage, baby holding yoga poses and a few chants with the harmonium (which I call the baby mesmerizer). And through sharing during class, we help make sense of the shifts in identity, relationships, and revolving obsessions of new motherhood.

In addition to my Monday yoga classes, I’ll be working with all the yoga teachers at the ‘hood to help the yoga programs at the mama ‘hood become even more rockin' than they already are, and myself or another Yo Mama teacher will be joining on Wednesdays in the fall.

My other love is my Inspired Birth class. Pulling together what I think are the best of many childbirth worlds, including hypnosis, creative exercises, and good down-to-earth ‘this stuff works’ childbirth education, this class gives families all the tools they need to have a rockin' birth in any setting: home, hospital or birth center.  As a doula, I hated seeing couples have to ‘guess’ which childbirth preparation method would fit their birth, so I came up with a way to have it all. Then whatever birth shows up on the day, you have tools that will work for you.

I am thrilled to be joining forces with the mama ‘hood. What has inspired me most so far is getting to see people who are really doing their work for mamas at a level unlike any other. When I hear Amanda talk with mamas about their breastfeeding concerns, I always learn something new. I’ve always said it’s best to go to the people that are obsessed.  I’m obsessed with yoga and birth, Amanda’s obsessed with breastfeeding, Allie’s obsessed with filling the mama ‘hood with only the best products, and Linda’s obsessed with keeping the whole train moving.  

It’s been a wonderful summer sharing and getting to know some of you, and I look forward to meeting more of you soon!  Please feel free to direct any questions to me about any of my programs at  Here’s to businesses where Mamas Rule!