Community Milk Drive

We are thrilled to announce that the mama ‘hood is now a depot for the Mothers’ Milk Bank! They are celebrating their 30th Anniversary and the mama ‘hood will be their 30th depot!
The World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all support and encourage the use of donor breastmilk for premature and at-risk infants. In the case of micro preemies, donor milk can be lifesaving. Mothers’ Milk Bank discusses the value of donor milk HERE.
Potential donors will be able to get screened at our Milk Drive on Saturday, August 16 from 11am-3pm. We will also have a pumping station available, a FREE Breastfeeding Group at 1pm, food trucks, beer, face painting, and fun for the whole family. 
Once you are successfully screened, the mama ‘hood will be a convenient Denver location to drop off your donated milk. We will store it in a freezer and Mothers’ Milk Bank will come pick it up for processing and distribution to infants in need.  Becoming a milk donor is a wonderful way to give back to the community and to help mamas and babies in need survive and thrive.
For more information on milk donation, please call Mothers' Milk Bank Colorado at 303-869-1888, or toll free at (877) 458-5503. We thank you, and the babies thank you!