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Hug me Skin-to-skin tube

The mama 'hood Hug ME Skin-to-Skin Tube is a simple band of high quality cotton intended to provide skin-to-skin contact between baby and caregiver.

This simple necessity allows newborns to soak up the human touch they need to thrive. The quality, high density cotton/spandex blend with 4-way stretch and dye methods are free from heavy metal contamination to ensure a new mother’s standards for safety are met.  This garment is ethically made in Canada. The tube gently hugs your newborn and serves as a support garment to keep babe close... but it is NOT A BABY CARRIER, it's a little hug. This garment must be fitted to the caregiver.


Zip ME Nursing Tank

The 8" orange pop zipper adds a sassy burst of color, and allows for easy nursing access. this baby has a lot going for it- including the fact that it is made right here in the USA. The mama'hood is honored to have partnered with Molly Ades, a Chicago-based designer to make this tank come to be. Both the fabric and the garment construction is completed in Los Angeles. This tank is an easy fit and a perfect gift for yourself or a nursing mama in your life.