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Engorgement is when your breasts are full of breastmilk and usually occurs 2-5 post-birth when you switch from producing colostrum to mature milk. Your breasts naturally feel tender, heavier and full and breastfeeding may become difficult.

Early Term Babies - Less than 37 weeks

We lovingly call the early term babies cute and unhelpful. They are great to snuggle with skin-to-skin, but they are unlikely to be expert breastfeeders until they are closer to term.

Tongue & lip tie

The mama ‘hood’s expert lactation team delivers evidence-based lactation support to families who come to us from across the entire state of Colorado.

Milk Supply

There is no magic number for knowing if you have “enough.” In the first few weeks, an awake baby is a hungry baby, so feeding on demand is the best technique for building an adequate supply.  If you think you are feeding enough and baby is not gaining weight or still appears hungry after feeds...

Pumping and Milk Storage

Many mamas have a love-hate relationship with the breast pump. While it may not be as fun as feeding the baby (it is a machine after all), it’s a great tool for helping build supply, preparing for a night out, returning to work or to just to give mamas a break!

Breast Care

Nipple pain in the early days of breastfeeding is common, but it’s not necessarily normal. Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt. There can be a number of reasons for nipple pain, from ineffective or improper latch, anatomical reasons, the fit between mom and baby or infection.


In the beginning, it may seem like there is no rhyme or reason to your baby’s sleep. This is totally normal! As they grow, patterns will emerge that will help you in predicting when baby will nap or go to bed. Until then, it’s never to early to start helping ease them into sleep.