with Katie Wise & Kirsten Warner

April 6-13, 2016

Learn to teach Prenatal Yoga with Heart, Consciousness, and Mastery with the World Renowned Yo Mama Yoga School
(one of the first Yoga Alliance certified schools in the country)


April 14-15, 2016

Email Katie with questions. katie@themamahood.com

$1,590 for Full Training
$350 non-refundable deposit holds your space
add Postnatal/mommy and me for $400

Early Bird Pricing
$1,390 for Prenatal only
$1,790 for both Prenatal and Postnatal/Mommy & Me


Katie Wise E-RYT, RPYT, CD (certified doula)
Katie Wise is a prenatal, mommy and me, family and children’s yoga teacher, doula, childbirth educator and birth advocate.  She’s the owner and founder of Yo Mama Yoga and Family Centers.  She trained with Gurmukh Khalsa, Saul David Raye, Chuck Miller and many more.  Her work and writing have been featured in “Whole Life Times,” “Yogi Times,” “Los Angeles Daily News,” “Special Delivery,” The Sun Magazine, the Listen to Your Mother Anthology and NPR.  She is the host of the Mother’s Advocate “Healthy Birth Your Way: 6 Steps to a Safer Birth” video series. Katie is proud mama of two, and loves bringing embodiment practices into birth and motherhood. Find more about Katie at www.yomamayoga.com and www.yomamablog.com.

Kirsten Warner E-RYT 500, RPYT
Kirsten has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 1989. She is an E-RYT 500 instructor with over 16 years of teaching experience. She first became passionate about prenatal yoga when she was pregnant with her first child over a decade ago. In addition to leading ongoing classes, workshops & retreats, Kirsten has developed several Yoga Alliance approved teacher-training programs. She currently offers Yo Mama Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainings around the country and co-leads the Devi Yoga for Women Teacher Training Programs in Boulder.   As a devoted student, heartfelt teacher and wildly busy mother of two, Kirsten endeavors to live her yoga on and off the mat. For more information, visit KirstenWarner.com or DeviYogaForWomen.com

I feel like doing your prenatal training and spending time with you, Kirsten, and the other beautiful women was a spark and motivation to continue on the path of what I know is my life's work... Supporting mothers!  I am beyond excited about the next step of the doula program, and I am making more time to write, too! I am so grateful for all your love and support, which gave me confidence to move forward in my path. Thank you :)  Logan

If you would like your heart to feel shiny, happy, and full, you should consider the prenatal yoga teacher training with Katie and Kirsten. I went in expecting to gain the necessary knowledge to teach prenatal yoga and left with so much more, including 10 new best friends. This training was extremely empowering and informative. I feel that Katie and Kirsten are a wealthy fountain of knowledge and it is their destiny to share what they have experienced with the world. Their openness and willingness to share is undeniable and genuine. They truly care about each student succeeding. Thank you to Katie and Kirsten for this one of a kind experience. I will never forget it.  Erin


Drawing on a combined total of over 25 years teaching Prenatal yoga, Katie and Kirsten have lead dozens of trainings together and welcomed successful graduates from all over the globe. This training is intended for yoga teachers, midwives, doulas and other health professionals who are interested in teaching yoga to Pregnant women.

Throughout the course of the training you will dive deep into the world of mamas and babies and learn the skills to artfully teach yoga to pregnant women.  Learn more about yourself as a woman and as a teacher.  In addition to being extremely informative and practical, this training is a transformational journey.  Not only do women emerge as Prenatal teachers, but as stronger yoga teachers overall.  Through daily practice teaching and constructive feedback, we support women in finding their authentic voice and teach from a place of embodied presence.  We will help you empower women through their journey into motherhood and build communities that last a lifetime.

You will leave this training with:

  • The skills to sequence and create a great Prenatal Yoga class
  • Knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy and birth

  • Familiarity with the pregnant year from a holistic perspective

  • An understanding of the asanas, contraindications, alignment and pranayamas that are appropriate during pregnancy

  • Therapeutic practices to support pregnancy discomforts

  • Tools to help your students develop strength and endurance as they prepare for giving birth

  • Insight about your personal teaching style, and the strengths and challenges you may face as a teacher

  • How to use hand on adjustments to nourish and support your students

  • Skills for weaving meaningful themes into your classes

  • An increased capacity to hold an emotional container for your class

  • A comprehensive exploration of the signs and stages of labor and childbirth

  • Learn more about the juicy practices you can offer your students- nutrition, natural remedies, herbal support, and more

  • Familiarity with care provider options and empowered birth choices- learn about the cultural shifts in birth, and the difference between risk-based care and evidence-based care

  • Understand postpartum recovery- the 'baby-moon' and diastasis recovery

  • A renewed connection with yourself and other women

  • Exposure to the transformational power of the sacred feminine

  • How to market and build your prenatal yoga business


Do I need to complete both Part I and Part II at the same time? Do I need to do both parts with Yo Mama?

In order to certify with Yoga Alliance, you do have to complete both parts at the same school.  It's the only way to make sure you get all the requirements (different schools might do things in an entirely different order- leaving you with gaps in some areas, and overlap in others).  We offer the training at least 2x a year in the Denver/Boulder area, as well as 1-2x a year in other locations.  You may do Part I, begin to practice teaching, and then complete Part II at another time.  In order to certify with Yoga Alliance, you do need to complete both parts.

Can I bring my baby with me to the Prenatal Training?

Motherhood and babies are celebrated and welcome in any of our trainings.  We know that it can be tough to juggle babies and do the training.  What we usually suggest is having your baby with you part time (both for the baby- and for the mama- to take in some of the information without having to take care of your baby the whole time).  Mommy and me is more possible to have the baby constantly.  Prenatal- it can be a little more challenging, since Prenatal Yoga doesn't usually include babies.  So having a friend or someone there to watch the baby sometimes, and incorporating the baby part time is usually best all around.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Frequently Asked Questions

Is it best to complete a 200 hour training before completing prenatal training?

Many of our students decide to do our training first, and then complete a 200 Hour at at later date.  The benefit of this order is having Prenatal Yoga be your 'first yoga language.'  Many experienced teachers that come to our training have a little bit of 'unlearning' to do, to change the way they teach to match Prenatal Yoga.  Our students that begin with Prenatal training make that style of teaching their base, and then learn the other yoga principles after.  So if prenatal is truly your passion, go ahead and do this training first.  Both paths work, and we've seen great success with both.  Ultimately if you want to register with Yoga Alliance, you will need to have a 200 H certification under your belt. If you are looking for a great 200 hour program, you can do that with Kirsten, one of our teachers.