introducing moms supporting moms scholarship fund

Our mission/reason-for-being is to help families find joy in their parenting journey.  All families.  
We do this through expert instruction, community, and helping them find the things they need.

Help us expand the circle of families we can reach
through the moms supporting moms Scholarship Fund. 

What is moms supporting moms?

We invite everyone who has benefitted from classes, groups or consults at the mama 'hood
to contribute to our moms supporting moms Scholarship Fund
The Scholarship Fund guarantees access for all.

We are thrilled and inspired every day that we have the honor of helping and supporting families. 
And, we know that there are many more families who are not able to come to the mama ‘hood because they can not afford our services.  
Between now and our 10th birthday,  we are committed to reaching those families. Please help us do that.

$1000 for 100 moms

We are thrilled to share one mom's generous donation to our scholarship fund.

Meet Serena Bruzgo, Vice President of Development & Marketing at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. 

In the early days of the mama 'hood (6 years ago!), Serena became part of our community as she navigated breastfeeding challenges with her new baby. Since utilizing our services back then, she's made it a priority to donate to our scholarship fund to help other mamas receive the support they need.

She recently reached out to make this generous offer...

When 100 moms make donations, Serena will contribute $1000 to the scholarship fund!

To keep track, we'll be posting weekly updates on our website, so join us there to see how close we are to our goal of 100 moms!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who is making this possible.
EVERY donation counts!

thank you for the donations from the following moms…

* the mama 'hood is not a 501c3 - Unfortunately, donations are not tax deductible,
but you can be certain that your donation will have massive impact on a family's life.