Drop in = $16 / 5 Punch = $70 / 10 Punch = $130

Memberships are also available and are a great deal!
3 months = $90/month
1 month = $100/month
Includes unlimited groups (yoga, breastfeeding, playgroups)
plus great discounts on classes, series and retail!


At the mama ‘hood, our mission is to help families find joy (not shame) in their parenting journey.  All families.

In an effort to ensure our groups & classes are accessible to all, we are delighted to introduce new prices that include a sliding scale. 
Pricing that works for all - pay what you can.

Please let the front desk know what pricing tier you fall into and we’ll get you set you up in our system with pricing that works for you.  
The discounts apply to drop-in and punch-cards.
Tier A: Annual Household income of $45,001 - $49,999 = 10% off
Tier B: Annual Household income of $39,999 - $45,000 = 20% off   
Tier C: Annual Household income of $34,999 - $40,000 = 30% off
Tier D: Annual Household income of $29,999 - $35,000 = 40% off
Tier E: Annual Household income of less than $29,999 = 50% off

If you need adjusted pricing to join us for other classes or services, please email Allison Schneider, Director of Everything,  
and she’ll help you out: