All groups, consults & classes are developed and led by our expert lactation team.

We guarantee a no-judgement zone: Come, learn, find your path and find your community. 

PRIVATE CONSULTS (Available live, in-home and via SKYPE)

Our expert lactation team of IBCLCs (International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants) is thrilled to work with moms, babies, and families to meet their breastfeeding goals through in-office or in-home lactation consults.

We honor and respect each family's unique needs when developing practical solutions to breastfeeding issues.
Our goal is to help normalize feeding for the mother and baby. We believe that feeding is normal and babies know how to eat;
however, if challenges present themselves we can address many issues, including:

sore nipples
previous breast feeding failure
slow growth
adoptive breastfeeding
dysfunctional latch

poor latch
premature babies
low milk supply
birth trauma related feeding issues
previous breast surgery


Need breastfeeding support in denver?

To schedule a Private Consult with our expert Lactation Team, please
call the front desk at 303.643.5662 or or text the Boob Hotline at 303.887.9161


  • We welcome expectant mamas, breastfeeding mamas and their babies.
  • Mamas are encouraged but not required to ask questions and share their experiences.
  • We will do a pre and post feed weigh-in for your baby.
  • One of our amazing IBCLCs will lead and facilitate the group.

All images courtesy of Joel Peterson Photography