These classes are led by our expert lactation team.
They were developed to give you some foundational information to help you prepare for breastfeeding while you are still pregnant
then help you continue your breastfeeding journey once it is time to go back to work.
You can do it!


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Breastfeeding Basics at the mama 'hood illuminates parents-to-be with an anthropologically-based understanding of the breastfeeding relationship. From that foundation, we discuss how to fit breastfeeding into your life and establish the relationship with your baby that you desire.

Some of the points we will cover include:

  • What to expect the first 24 hours
  • Normal newborn feeding behaviors
  • How to establish a good latch
  • Baby-led latch
  • Positioning
  • How to tell if your baby is feeding well
  • Pumping
  • Ways to overcome common challenges

We will also incorporate information that is helpful for partners of breastfeeding parents to know and watch for. Join the community of happy 'hood mamas who start breastfeeding on the right foot and enjoy long-term success nourishing their babies with their own milk.

This class was written and developed by Amanda Ogden, RN, IBCLC and is taught by Sarah Choinard, RN

Investment: $40/mama + partners are free! 

Next Classes:
DENVER Monday, March 16th at 6pm
NEW! BOULDER Tuesday, March 17th at 6pm


a mama 'hood signature class

Heading back after maternity leave and wondering what the heck that looks like?  What are all the parts to the pump?  How often should you pump?  What are the requirements your workplace must meet?  We've got you covered in this two-hour class specifically tailored to the working mamas.

Investment: $40 

Always offered in DENVER on the 4th Monday of the month.
Next class:
Monday, March 23rd 6-8pm