In this tailored one-on-one experience families-to-be will meet with a birth consultant. The consultant will go over any previous birth or pregnancy experiences a family may have experienced, or if this is the first baby the hopes of the family for this birth. From there, the consultant will cover what to expect in each setting: a home birth, birth center birth, or hospital birth. The consultant will also cover all possible interventions and what to expect should a cesarean birth be planned or needed once labor progresses. The consult is tailored to each family, answering questions about what a doula does, how a laboring mother may progress, pain coping techniques, and what an expectant mama may find helpful or not so helpful from her support team. From there the consultant will help the family draw up their Birth Preferences and all relevant resources. Once the consult is complete, the consultant will send a comprehensive Birth Consult Review for the family to keep with them and refer to before and during the birth.

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