You bring the belly, the baby/toddler or the boobs.  
We've got you covered on the rest!

Established in 2012.


Help families find joy from conception to 2 through expert instruction, community and the things they need.


expert breastfeeding support
family-centered yoga
weekly classes, groups & playgroups
parent and family classes & series for before and after baby arrives
baby & toddler groups, classes and play zone
yoga teacher trainings
continuing education for childbirth professionals
boutique retail


The mama 'hood was born out of an opportunity in Denver:
Create a community for new moms & families that addresses all of their pre- and post-natal needs.

The idea came from Co-Founder, Linda Appel Lipsius, who had her first child in Los Angeles, where many great resources existed.
Seeking similar support for her second child in Denver, but not finding exactly what she needed, she decided to build it.

Introduced to Amanda Ogden, Co-Founder, RN and IBCLC extraordinaire, the mama 'hood started taking shape.

With the expert guidance of Co-Founder Allison Schnieder, the threesome built the
multi-faceted model and created a modern and inviting space in LoHi.

the 'hood welcomes moms, babies, partners, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and caregivers
throughout each day for a variety of classes, groups and shopping.

Families of all types, composition, orientation, birthing philosophies, feeding philosophies & ability to pay are welcome.

We are honored to be entering our 7th year serving mamas and families across the Front Range!

* As of April, 2017, the mama 'hood is now an Accredited Yoga Alliance Yoga School.
We are the only program in Colorado offering a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training that awards an 85-hour RPYS.


"As the only place in Denver to get the support you need in the early, tough days with a newborn... Help mamas feel less isolated and frantic."

"I never considered a community resources like this as a deciding factor in where to live before but now I feel like I need to know what the area holds in terms of resources before moving anywhere.  Support like this is on par with good schools for kids."

"Soul food for baby and mama!  I have been attending prenatal yoga classes here for about a month and a half and have had the most wonderful experience. I love that every teacher takes time at the beginning of each class to check in with everyone and that everyone gets to share challenges/joys they are experiencing.  It makes the whole pregnancy experience not feel so isolating.  The teachers are smart, nurturing, and understand how to safely do yoga with expectant mothers -- yet still know how to challenge your body so you feel as if you've had a good workout.  I always feel safe and cared for here and am so glad that I found it."

"'s because of your services and expertise that I continued to breastfeed my baby.  I'm a first time mom and didn't know much about the realities of how hard breastfeeding was... Every time I came to group I walked away with new helpful information, a new mom friend and felt uplifted by the community you guys have at the mama 'hood."

"I tell people that it has become my home away from home and my saving grace as I went through the end of my pregnancy and am embarking on my journey with my new tiny soul.  I also use the phrase that Amanda Ogden uses, that you are "recreating the cave" to create a sense of community that supports mamas at every step."

"Fantastic.  I've been taking their prenatal yoga classes and it has really taken me to a different level in my breathing, meditating and building my mama community.  The whole staff is supportive and so kind and generous.  This is my first pregnancy and everyone I've met there has offered such positive reinforcement and passed along such wonderful resources.  I feel very lucky to have been introduced to this place.  Highly recommend!  LOVE this place!"

"Outstanding lactation support and classes.  The staff here not only care about the products and information that they offer but also the community they serve.  They are mamas on the same journey as their customers, championing modern day families working hard to figure it out. Every new parent should visit and become familiar with their resources.  Looooove the 'hood!"

- quotes from the mama 'hood Annual Survey